Rainer von Holst, Dr. Peter Klein, Jakob B., V999 and Osint Group, debunked by source evidence

What does a major news agency do when an alleged Dr. Peter Klein Esq. reports from faraway America in fine German and with big words as an alleged lawyer, demands the blocking of articles about his alleged client «Rainer von Holst» and his accomplice Jakob B., the alleged gold-backed coin V999 or the letterbox company Osint Group (https://www.osint.group)

Actually, they should do nothing, because Rainer von Holst is a wanted internet fraudster, impostor and criminal, who does not shy away from appearing as «Dr. Peter Klein, Esq.» and writing an email, which has neither a phone number, nor a fax number and certainly no address, because this criminal has been hiding illegally in the United States of America (USA) since 2015.

It has become known that Rainer von Holst, alias Jan Faber, has registered with the agency «news aktuell», a company of the news agency DPA (Deutsche Presse Agentur), as «lawyer Dr. Peter Klein» and has pretended to be a lawyer, although Rainer von Holst is no more a «lawyer» than Jakob B. could be denied being a good journalist.

By the way, any cleaning lady can call herself a «journalist», it is not a protected profession, but anyone who pretends to be a lawyer, like Rainer von Holst, is acting as a highly criminal impostor, internet fraudster and blackmailer, as Stiftung Warentest has already reported, contrary to the law.When now even the alleged «lawyer’s letter» sent by Rainer von Holst as «Dr. Peter Klein» to «news aktuell» as a company of the news agency DPA, only a few hours later after the reply of «news aktuell / DPA», to «Dr. Peter Klein» alias Rainer von Holst aka. Jan Faber, is posted by one Jakob B. in the Telegram group https://t.me/karatbarslawsuit, every public prosecutor will have to ask himself what Jakob B. as a «journalist» has to do with the criminal association around the allegedly gold-covered coin V999 and the Osint Group (acting in a criminal manner as alleged auditors for the V999 (https://v999.gold) and the E-Karat International in Ireland.

Source: https://v999.gold//documents/v999-platform-white-paper.pdf

Moreover, it has just become known that according to the «National Corporation Directory Source» (company register) and «US Security and Exchange Commission» (SEC), Osint is not a company at all, i.e. it does not even exist as a company! An enquiry to the major German business newspaper, where Jakob B. has published articles so far, has not been answered, which raises many inferences?

The US Department of Justice has been informed of all this by letters to the US embassies in Europe and to the banks with which von Holst and his accomplices deal.In the meantime, it is questionable why the letterbox company and website, https://www.newsbtc.com, based at «1st Formations» (a letterbox company at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden in London) published a questionable promotional article for the V999 Was https://www.newsbtc.com paid by Rainer von Holst for praising the «idea» of «V999″In the meantime, Harald S. is travelling the world by private jet, (to his million-dollar villas in Mallorca (Spain), his million-dollar restaraunts in the USA (including Los Angeles) and his real estate properties in Stutgart (Germany) as recent photos prove, at exactly the same time as his investors are asking him to pay the promised gold and the profit resulting from the investment.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/100009834554667/posts/1386319081705897

Although there are no permits for the operators of the V999 by authorities, the audit for the V999 by a non-existent company the «Osint Group» is falsified in a criminal way, there is also permission by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Harals S. has dared against any law to connect the KBC of Karatbars with the V999, as you can clearly see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=iYOK1L2CSj0 — this means that investors are being deliberately misled into believing in a non-existent legality, which is simply criminal, which means that investors will never see their gold or their money again, especially when it is known that the V999 was co-initiated by, among others, Rainer von Holst, a person who is intentionally wanted by the police for fraud!It is certain that the V999 has as audit a white paper from a company (Osint Group) that does not exist, https://v999.gold//documents/v999-platform-white-paper.pdf and it is also certain that the V999 violates the law of the USA to offer unauthorised sercurity.

The question also arises where the physically deposited gold is supposed to be, which the German public prosecutor’s office already doubted in the case of Harald S.’s earlier investments, as the renowned German Handelsblatt wrote?

Incidentally, Chris Saunders from the USA stated in a video: https://facebook.com/24karatchris/videos/177054424240274 (audible from 1.34 minute) that he apparently cooperated with Rainer von Holst and Jakob B. in the field of media, which smells very much like a criminal organisation, if one assumes that Rainer von Holst alias Jan Faber is wanted internationally.

One could go on and on about the criminal life of Rainer von Holst, who acts without any consciousness of wrongdoing and about whom one would have to ask whether, following his conviction, in view of the many crimes committed, preventive detention would be necessary in order to protect the general public from this person, but we have found a criminal complaint on the internet and even though it is very long, it is shocking in the amount of information it contains and the damage it has caused, and all this is not made any better by the fact that Rainer von Holst alias Jan Faber, or Peter Klein, are taking advantage of people’s good faith.

Considering all these criminal actions, an indictment against the network around Rainer von Holst, Jakob B. and the backers of the V999 should at least be in the offing, whereby despite all this, every person is innocent until a court has passed judgement and that Rainer von Holst ends up in court, he will very soon find himself in US extradition custody, since the US justice system and recently several Bail Enforcement Agents or Fugitive Recovery Agents are hot on his heels…


To the Bremen Public Prosecutor’s Office

Senior Public Prosecutor Janhenning Kuhn

Ostertorstrasse 10

28195 Bremen

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Chief Public Prosecutor Kuhn,

We hereby file a criminal complaint against


Rainer von Holst

Born on: 01.05.1955

Birth name: Franz


Jan Faber

known addresses:

1014 Barclay Blvd, Princeton

New Jersey, USA


Anne — Christine von H.

born on XXXXX (*),

last known address


and/or: XXXXX*(*) Addresses and dates of birth are known to the editors, but since Rainer von Holst’s own children have already been sentenced to prison because of his criminal activities, the editors refrain from naming the dates of birth and addresses, as these children have suffered enough at the hands of their father.


Alexander von H.

Born at XXXXX (*),

last known address

XXXXX (*) Addresses and dates of birth are known to the editors, but since Rainer von Holst’s own children have already been sentenced to prison because of his criminal activities, the editors refrain from naming the dates of birth and addresses, as these children have suffered enough at the hands of their father.


Günther W.

german citizen


Switzerland, acting for

Company: Dunas AG


Switzerland* The data of Günther W. are also completely known to the editor, but here too the editors refrain from naming the full name and address, because every man makes the mistake of falling for a criminal like Rainer von Holst!

The persons named are indirect / direct operators of the website http://www.gerlachreport.com.

Officially, the operator of this site is Newsroom LLC. However, this is a letterbox company, just like Gerlachreport itself.

No address is given. Even a Whois query does not provide any information about the people responsible. Rainer von Holst has sole power of attorney for the Newsroom LLC account at Wells Fargo Bank. Furthermore, according to his own statements and statements by Rainer von Holst, the alleged trustee Günther Westphal maintains trust accounts into which our company was supposed to pay the extorted sums.

A proper imprint, from which the persons responsible for the contents published at http://www.gerlachreport.com would have to be recognisable according to § 5 TMG, does not exist. The criminal complaint is filed on suspicion of extortion and all other criminal offences in question. At the same time, a criminal complaint is filed for all legally relevant aspects and offences.

The facts of the case: Aras Group DWC LLC is a company based in the United Arab Emirates whose business purpose is to make investments, partly also in European countries.

In April 2016, a company EN Storage GmbH from Herrenberg in Germany made an enquiry to us for the purpose of financing investments. While processing this request, our auditors discovered that EN Storage GmbH had defrauded investors in Europe. The documents submitted to us for financing also turned out to be essentially forgeries.

For this reason, our company filed criminal charges against the two managing directors of EN Storage GmbH with the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office on 27 February 2017. (FILE NO. 163 JS 14209/17)

Both managing directors were remanded in custody, where they are still said to be today. Today it is known that the amount of damages for the investors of EN Storage GmbH is said to be 95,000,000 euros.

Annex I:

Criminal complaint against the responsible persons of EN-Storage GmbH dated 27.02.2017

In connection with the loan requested from our company by EN Storage, a Mr Jan Faber (in the meantime it is known that this is Rainer von Holst) from the Gerlachreport contacted us. He tried to find out whether the managing director of EN Storage GmbH, Mr Edvin Novalic, had applied for a loan from us and when this would be paid out.

As a matter of principle, we do not give any information about our customers to third parties. This Jan Faber was visibly incensed and said that he was more or less a business partner of Edvin Novalic. Nevertheless, he was not given any information. An enquiry with Edvin Novalic revealed that he was in contact with Faber, but he did not want to comment on the reason for this.

Edvin Novalic was then arrested in Germany, whereupon Jan Faber from Gerlachreport contacted our company again. Faber said that his business partner Edvin Novalic was in prison due to our fault and that he, Faber, now had very high financial losses. Faber bluntly threatened our company with consequences.

These consequences would be that in his Gerlach Report, as he called it, he would totally destroy our company. The management of the Aras Group DWC LLC then appointed a representative to contact Jan Faber to find out what he wanted and with what justification.

The representative introduced himself to Jan Faber as Sebastian Müllerberg. Jan Faber accepted this and demanded a loan of 50,000,000 USD for the expansion of a company called Saecon in the USA.Allegedly, this company was originally to be developed with funds from Novalic, so now the Aras Group should give a loan as an alternative.

Our representative argued that a loan in the millions requires some collateral, but Jan Faber was not interested in this. He said that either he gets the loan or he will start an unparalleled character assassination campaign against us. After consulting with our legal department and external lawyers, we came to the conclusion not to give in to the blackmail. The agent, who had introduced himself to Jan Faber as Sebastian Müllerberg, therefore broke off contact with Jan Faber.

Subsequently, Jan Faber then posted a scathing article about our company in his forum Gerlachreport.

Annex II:

Report in Gerlachreport of 13.05.2017.

Our society then contacted Jan Faber again through a separate agent. Jan Faber ultimatively demanded an ‘offer’,

otherwise he would continue his campaign of destruction against our society. As a pretence, his demand was accepted. Thus, our society wanted Jan Faber to provide the Commissioner with as many records of his front companies and shell companies as possible so that they could be presented to the law enforcement agencies.

Thus develops a months-long email correspondence, accompanied by countless telephone calls, the essence of which we attach to this criminal complaint.

For the sake of simplicity, we comment on the following in brief terms

Annex III — XVII

Annex III:

Mail dated 23.01.2017

This email concerns the period when Jan Faber wanted to obtain unauthorised information about EN Storage GmbH / Edvin Novalic from us.

Annex IV:

Mail from 23.02.2017

This email also relates to the period when Jan Faber wanted to receive unauthorised information from us about EN Storage GmbH / Edvin Novalic. Apparently Faber had lost contact with Novalic.

Annex V:

Mail dated 25.02.2017

It is clear from this email that Faber was expecting larger sums of money from Novalic but had apparently lost contact and it is clear that Faber is already at this stage making the first suggestions that our company could do business with him instead of Novalic, could do the deal with him.

Annex VI:

Mail dated 28.02.2017

From this mail it is clear that Faber expected larger sums of money from Novalic. According to this, Novalic allegedly contacted Gerlachreport on its own initiative in December 2016 to commission Faber to conduct a market analysis on the use of storage systems in the USA.

In fact, Faber had published several reputation-damaging articles in the Gerlachreport in November and December 2016 about EN Storage and about private individuals Edvin Novalic.

It was only for this reason that Novalic contacted Faber.

Annex VII:

Mail dated 07.03.2017

Faber documents in this mail that he expected Novalic to pay 350,000 euros on account, as well as monthly cost contributions of 30,000 euros. He expresses to the agent of our company that he would like to do the business with our company.

Annexure VIII:

Mail dated 21.03.2017

In this email Faber exuberantly describes his plans to realise the idea of EN Storage in the USA without Novalic. Once again it becomes clear that Faber had planned to receive considerable sums of money from Novalic.

After receiving this email, the representative of our company broke off contact with Jan Faber.

Annex IX:

Mail dated 13.05.2017

As can be seen from Annexure II, on 13.05.2017, Faber put the article damaging the reputation of our society online without notice and without cause.

It was, therefore, decided that our appointee should contact Faber again. After a telephone conversation with Faber, the latter announced further articles damaging to our reputation, unless our company made an offer.

The representative of our company then conducted correspondence and telephone calls with Faber for several months in order to gain time and to obtain as many documents as possible from Faber, whom we knew in the meantime to be Rainer von Holst.

Faber then took the blackmailing article against our society off the net again on 15.05.2017.

Annex X:

Mail from 04.08.2017

In order to provide a brief overview, we are forwarding this mail, which shows that Rainer von Holst is insatiable and now also wanted to extort loans for the takeover of Solarworld. In the meantime it has become clear that there is no Jan Faber, but that Rainer von Holst appears under this name to the outside world for the Gerlachreport.

Annex XI:

Mail from 01.09.2017

As the period for receiving the loan of USD 50,000,000 for Rainer von Holst’s company Saecon was delayed, von Holst demanded an advance loan of USD 4,500,000 for the Gerlachreport.

His wording of the Gerlachreport’s self-representation is significant. Among other things, he states as his business purpose the destruction of companies and individuals in the public eye.

Annex XII:

Business plan dated 04.09.2017

Rainer von Holst submits Gerlachreport’s business plan.

Annex XIII:

Miscellaneous documents from Rainer von Holst

On 15.09.2017 von Holst submits various documents:


Certificate of incorporation of the company Newsroom LLC


Proof that von Holst is founder and owner of Newsroom LLC


Copy of passport


Power of attorney for Holst’s account at Wells Fargo Bank.


Contact details Wells Fargo Bank


Loan agreement for Newsroom LLC

The loan agreement was sent by Holst only so that a new character assassination campaign was not initially launched by him against us.

Annex XIV:

Driver’s licence from Holst

As ID, von Holst submitted his driver’s licence on 17.09.2017.

Annex XV:

Attorney ID of von Holst

To substantiate that he is a licensed lawyer, von Holst submitted this alleged lawyer’s ID.

Annex XVI:

Visa of von Holst

Transmitted by Rainer von Holst on 21.09.2017.

Annex XVII:

Bank account details Switzerland

Rainer von Holst communicated these account details for the transfer of the money to be extorted from us. This side noticed that he wanted to merge the company Dunas AG with his company Saecon, which we interpreted to mean that he was also authorised to dispose of Dunas AG.

Our company subsequently saw fit to discontinue the «negotiations» with Rainer von Holst. He was told that he had no claim whatsoever to payments by our company, be they so-called protection money payments or alleged loans, which he would never repay.

Rainer von Holst then immediately began a series of character assassination pages about our Society, which can be seen at www.gerlachreport.com.

Should these reports individually be desired as an attachment to this criminal complaint, we ask that they be indicated accordingly. Research on Rainer von Holst had revealed that he had created a huge network of companies with the help of his family members in different occupations, which served the sole purpose of defrauding investors.

Thus, the companies listed below are insolvent to a considerable extent. Our company therefore suspects that Rainer von Holst, alias Jan Faber, and his family members wanted to extort USD 50,000,000 in order to escape the insolvencies of the investment companies. Of course, Rainer von Holst, alias Jan Faber, did not call this extortion, but borrowing.

Company list of the Rainer von Holst companies:

— Media Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

— Firmenwelten AG

— Firmenwelten Sachwerte GmbH

— Firmenwelten Treuhand GmbH

— Firmenwelten Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

— Firmenwelten Geschäftsführungsgesellschaft mbH

— Firmenwelten GmbH & Co. KG 12 Leasing KG

Rumbachtal 16, 45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany


Von-Bock-Str. 37, 45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr

— Halbstrom Sales Company Ltd.

Bahnhofstr. 4,

33602 Bielefeld

formerly: Wöhlerstr. 42, 30163 Hanover

— Arztwelten AG

Wolframstr. 3, 86161 Augsburg, Germany

— KD-Dental Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin

Hauptstr. 13 a, 13127 Berlin

formerly: Knesebeckstr. 55, 10719 Berlin

— Firmenwelten Inkasso GmbH

Schlachte 22, 28195 Bremen

formerly: Heinstr. 15, 28213 Bremen

— Imas Consult GmbH,

formerly: Integra Secure GmbH

Barkhorstrücken 25 B, 45239 Essen, Germany

formerly: Bahnhofstr. 4, 33602 Bielefeld

— Sachwertkontor Bavar Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin

Knesebeckstr. 83, 10623 Berlin

formerly: Selerweg 13, 12169 Berlin

— Traveljames.com AG

Bahnhofstr. 4, 33602 Bielefeld


Isingdorfer Bruch 7 — 11, 33824 Werther

— ifs Institute for Taxes GmbH, Bielefeld

Bahnhofstr. 4, 33602 Bielefeld

formerly: Blumenstr. 33, 33813 Oerlinghausen

— Sachwert 1 Immobilien GmbH, Berlin

Knesebeckstr. 83, 10623 Berlin

formerly: Selerweg 13, 12169 Berlin

— Sachwert 2 Precious Metals GmbH

Knesebeckstr. 83, 10623 Berlin

formerly: Selerweg 13, 12169 Berlin

— Sachwert 3 Energy GmbH,

formerly: Dienstleistungsgesellschaft Gusborn 44 mbH

Knesebeckstr. 83, 10623 Berlin

formerly: Selerweg 13, 12169 Berlin

formerly: Recklinger Str. 12, 38486 Apenburg-Winterfeld

— Von Holst — Beauty & More Ltd.

Delmestr. 106, 28199 Bremen, Germany

— FWPP Düsseldorf Ltd.

Roßpfad 73, 40489 Düsseldorf

formerly: Wiedenhofenstr. 21, 40595 Düsseldorf

— comm: act Consulting + Management GmbH,

formerly: Firmenwelten

Purchasing Company Ltd.

Rosastr. 40 — 42, 45130 Essen

formerly: Bahnhofstr. 4, 33602 Bielefeld

— Faygroup Ltd.

Isengdorfer Bruch 7-11, 33824 Werther

formerly: Delmestr. 106, 28199 Bremen

— GCA Handel Ltd.

Isingdorfer Bruch 7, 33824 Werther

— Firmenwelten Premium Ltd.

Bahnhofstr. 4, 33602 Bielefeld

formerly: Roßpfad 73, 40489 Düsseldorf

— Phoenix IT-Consult Ltd.

Ziegelstr. 71-75, 33609 Bielefeld

— Integra Groupbuying Ltd.

Isingdorfer Bruch 7, 33824 Werther

formerly: Knesebeckstr. 55, 10719 Berlin

— Firmenwelten Academy Ltd

Bahnhofstr. 4,

33602 Bielefeld

formerly: Roßpfad 73, 40489 Düsseldorf

formerly: Delmestr. 106, 28199 Bremen

— KD Dental Ltd.

Knesebeckstr. 55, 10719 Berlin

The complainant is aware of other victims of the «Gerlachreport», which is apparently backed by an organised system similar to protection money.

Shortly after the regularly insulting and defamatory reports appear on http://www.gerlachreport.com, the victims receive e-mails or phone calls from alleged middlemen demanding horrendous sums of money, sometimes in the tens of millions, under the guise of reputation management or «consultancy contracts» for the deactivation of the untrue contributions which can be viewed online by anyone.

The consultancy contracts are to be concluded by the aggrieved parties with the lawyer Rainer von Holst, who is to ensure that Jan Faber stops his character assassination campaigns. In fact, it is one and the same person. Allow me to refer to the decision of the Regional Court of Berlin of 4 May 2017 (Ref.: 27 O 223/17), which in a civil case characteristically stated about the ‘Gerlachreport’:

«It is known to the courts that in the http://www.gerlachreport.com

— disparaging — articles about companies are published without a factual basis and the author’s sole purpose is to write negative reports with the aim of damaging the company’s reputation.»

The published articles are disparaging, defamatory, damaging to reputation and credit. The allegations made in them are all untrue and constitute not only a massive violation of personal rights, but in particular criminal offences, from this side’s point of view a threat of crime in the form of blackmail.

We are at your disposal for further information at any time. We kindly ask you to send us an acknowledgement of receipt and to inform us of the file number of the investigation.

Aras Group DWC LLC

— End of the criminal complaint —

Editorial comment:

Anyone who has read all this in this criminal complaint will understand why Rainer von Holst, alias Jan Faber or aka Dr. Peter Klein, is wanted by the FBI, internationally and is hiding in the great America in 2015, continues to commit criminal offences from the USA and leads the life of an Internet fraudster, con man and blackmailer, without feeling the slightest sense of injustice for his criminal actions!

One thing is certain, this person is currently also wanted by the US judiciary, currently the banks, above all Wells Fargo Bank, with which Rainer von Holst works, are informed both via the US embassies and via the German Attorney General’s Office in Bamberg.

In the meantime it has become known that bounty hunters in the United States of America are looking for Rainer von Holst and have put up a million US dollars for the capture of Rainer von Holst alias Jan Faber aka Dr. Petr Klein. Petr Klein, by people who have been deliberately harmed by this person, so the hunt has begun and those who know the laws in the USA know that it will not be long before Rainer von Holst is found and handed over to the police for extradition in die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate oder Deutschland, because for one million US dollars, a Rainer von Holst will not be able to hide for much longer!

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