Rainer von Holst on the run with investors’ Karatbars V999 Gold

As we have currently been informed from money investors’ circles, the internationally wanted professional criminal, Rainer von Holst (aka Jan Faber, aka Dr. Peter Klein), born 01 May 1955, who has been illegally residing in the United States of America (USA) since 19 August 2018, is said to be on the run with an expired visa number: K6260583 and German passport number: C7X5JX2M3, with the investors’ gold of the alleged gold-backed V999 Coin. Pursuant to section U.S.C. § 1326 (8 U.S.C. § 1101 (a) 13, A) illegal residence in the United States of America (USA) is a felony and is punishable in the USA by a minimum of two years imprisonment.

According to the Augsburg Regional Court, there is an extradition request from Germany for the investment fraudster Rainer von Holst, who fled to the USA: https://www.test.de/Rainer-von-Holst-Warum-wird-Anlagehai-nicht-ausgeliefert-5594662-0/.

It became known that Rainer von Holst has damaged thousands of investors with his companies — «Wurst Welten» and the network for slander and blackmail: Gerlachreport.com

Corrupt «journalists» are said to belong to the network of Rainer von Holst, allegedly also one Jakob B., which is why the German public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg is conducting a preliminary investigation for several possible punishable offences, with the file number: 3308 Js 88/21. There are also criminal charges against von Holst for further offences, such as blackmail, financial market and media manipulation, money laundering, defamation, use of anti-constitutional symbols of Hitler fascism, among others.

Furthermore, we have been informed that not only the public prosecutors in the Federal Republic of Germany, but also in the USA are currently on the heels of the serious criminal von Holst. The criminal charges against the «V999» (www.v999.gold), which is considered a criminal fraud model and alleged «gold coin», are piling up at the police authorities, and in the meantime one assumes a similarly large-scale fraud as with Bernard L. Madoff.

Not only is the allegedly gold-backed V999 Coin being distributed illegally, that it has not been approved by any financial authority on our planet, but Rainer von Holst has also invented a non-existent company with the fantasy name «Osint Group», which then also «green-lighted» the criminal V999 Coin in a so-called white paper (https://v999.gold//documents/v999-platform-white-paper.pdf). The fact that the «Osint Group» does not even exist played no role for Rainer von Holst, nor for the distributors of the V999 Coin; people were cheated out of their money in an ice-cold and ruthless manner.

Currently, criminal charges are being brought against E-Karat International and Freebay in several countries, including South Africa, the USA, Europe and Asia, which is why public prosecutors and other authorities are investigating people associated with Rainer von Holst and the fraud model of the «V999 Coin», namely Tammy Morison (USA) and Nelis van Bergen (Netherlands), who deliberately and actively participated in the V999 fraud! Whether the CEO of Karatbars, Harald Seiz, is also involved in the deliberate fraud is also currently being investigated by the police authorities of several countries, which is why Harald Seiz is said to have absconded to Switzerland according to current findings.

We tried to find out whether Harald Seiz and Rainer von Holst have been a criminal duo for years, but to date we have not received any answers.

Against this background, we have asked the following questions to persons in Rainer von Holst’s network, as is customary in serious journalism; unfortunately, there were no answers.


Do you know the name Peter Treichler in connection with «Trustees & Protectors»?


Do you know the e-mail: trusteesprotectors@protonmail.com?


Are you aware of a forged notary seal number 50026826 (New Jersey) which, according to the American Association of Notaries, does not exist and cannot be assigned to any notary? Furthermore, according to written information provided by the American Association of Notaries to the German authorities, the notary seals contain an «expiry date», which was not used on a «document» of the «Trustees & Protectors» due to ignorance of the regulations and new provisions.


Are you aware of Mr. Rainer von Holst, born on 01.05.1955, who claims to work as a lawyer and notary in the United States of America? In this regard, the «American Association of Notaries» stated in writing to the German authorities on 26 April 2021 that Mr. Rainer von Holst is known neither as a «lawyer» nor as a «notary» in the territory of the United States of America.

Against the background of an e-mail (received on: 16.04.21 at 11:14 p.m.) to a news agency in the Federal Republic of Germany, the sender ID of which can be attributed to the person Rainer von Holst (rainer@vonholst.eu), the «American Association of Notaries» filed a criminal complaint with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) on 23.04. 2021 against the person Rainer von Holst in order to have the server IP and transmission IP data secured.


If you can answer question 4, are you aware that the person Rainer von Holst is constantly founding new «companies» and extorting companies, cheating investors and is wanted by police authorities worldwide?


What can you tell us about the fact that «gerlachreport» and «CNNewsroom» as well as the pseudonym «Stefan Loeb» use the same IP address?


Are you aware of a person called «Dr. Peter Klein»? According to the American Association of Notaries, a person named «Dr. Peter Klein» is neither a notary nor a lawyer in the United States of America!


Are you aware of the current investigations into the accusations of «fraud» and «blackmail» against the person: Rainer von Holst? According to information from the German authorities, a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for the person Rainer von Holst has currently been entered in the SIS and SIRENE systems, according to the responsible public prosecutor’s office in Dortmund, with automatic time adjustment, i.e. without a statute of limitations.


Are you aware of a company «Osint Group», which is supposed to act as alleged «gold auditors» of a «V999 Coin»? According to information provided to German authorities by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a company with the name «Osint Group» is not active in the United States of America.


Is it true that you met with Mr. Harald Seiz in November 2019 in New York (USA)?


Can you give us a contact person to the «Osint Group» the auditor who audited the alleged V999 Coin Gold and was the contact to the «Osint Group» made by the person of Rainer von Holst?


Against the background of the investigations against the person of Rainer von Holst, official investigations are currently underway with enquiries from German lawyers to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Dublin and to the European Business Registry Association AISBL in Brussels concerning «E-Karat International». Are you aware of any persons who are behind «E-Karat International Limited»?


Are you in contact with a person who calls himself «Jan Faber» and if so, can you give us his telephone number or the whereabouts of «Jan Faber»?


If you can answer question 13, are you aware of allegations of blackmail by Rainer von Holst / Jan Faber against a Heit family?


If you can answer question 4, can you say something about an expired visa of the person of Rainer von Holst, which is said to have expired on 19.08. 2018 and bears the visa number: K6260583, issued to the passport of the person of Rainer von Holst with the number: C7X5JX2M3 and do you know where Rainer von Holst is currently staying?


Have you heard anything about allegedly paid money of the German citizen: Harald Konstantin Seiz, born on 09.06. 1963 in Calw (Baden-Württemberg), a federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany) to a person «Rainer von Holst»?

In this context, it became known that the website: gerlachreport.com, had previously criticised the company Karatbars International in Stuttgart and that the person of Harald Konstantin Seiz had subsequently been blackmailed.


Do you know an email address: Problemloeser@Protonmail.com?


Do you know the bank Wells Fargo? The corporate headquarters of Wells Fargo (420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, USA) is said to have been questioned by German authorities and lawyers about accounts that are alleged to belong to the person of Rainer von Holst and the person of Harald Seiz as well as companies associated with them.

19) Do you know the following IP addresses which have been provided by police authorities in the Federal Republic of Germany in the course of an investigation, as these have already been fully evaluated by the police:


Our upcoming coverage will be about a person named Tammy Morison, where she lives and what she does?


If you can answer question 20, we ask, are you in direct contact with the person Tammy Morison?


If you can answer question 20 and 21, we ask: Is Tammy Morrison still active for V999 and Karatbars?


Can you and say something about V999 Gold vaults?


Do you know anything about a family named Heit being threatened by a person named Rainer von Holst?


Do you know anything about an alleged attempted murder of a person by the name of Marvin Steinberg, in 2019 and, if you know anything about this, can you tell us anything about whether a person by the name of: Harald Seiz was suspected of having something to do with the alleged attempted murder and whether the person of Harald Seiz is the focus of investigations by international police authorities in this connection?


Has the website «Invest Report» been created by means of WordPress by the persons of Rainer von Holst, «Jan Faber», in order to blackmail the person of Harald Seiz and Karatbars International in Stuttgart, so that Harald Seiz can be blackmailed in the future and out of fear of police authorities in connection with transactions around the KaratGold Coin (KBC), for example for the V999)


Did the person of Rainer von Holst gain control over Harald Seiz, Karatbars and the V999 Coin by means of blackmail?


Have you ever been blackmailed by Rainer von Holst and Jakob Blume?

Against the background of serious journalism, we set you a factual deadline to answer, until 12 May 2021 — 12:00, because after this date, as mentioned at the beginning of this question, the 19 questions will play an editorial role in the reporting, together with further findings.


What do they say about the many complaints and criminal charges filed with the police by clients who have been waiting for their gold for over 2 years and have not received it so far?


Do you know anything about whether Harald Seiz knows a person with the name Deni Gregorec?


Can you tell us something about the connection between Jakob Blume and Reiner von Holst?


What do you say about allegations of a pyramid scheme in connection with a 2019 expert opinion prepared by «Web shield» for the payment provider?


Did you have any contact with the person of «Jan Faber» through the fraud and defamation website «Gerlachreport» in 2019?

34) Do you know that it is a criminal offence in the United States of America not to have a Security Coin approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

Unless you provide us with answers to our questions, we will, as is certainly understandable, publish these questions and further information on Karatbars, the KaratGold Coin (KBC) and the V999 Coin worldwide, as the readers and especially the general public are entitled to information.

With this information, every distributor of the alleged gold-backed V999 Coin must now be prepared for visits by police authorities.
In a short time, the websites https://www.V999.Goldhttps://www.Osint.Gruppehttps://www.Spiegel.News and https://www.Gerlachreport.com will be permanently shut down, several procedures for the seizure of these domains are currently running at full speed, because false information was given when registering the websites, which applies to other websites that are used for slander, which will also be shut down soon by the authorities and for which partial blocks have already been set up, as you can see here.

E-Karat International from Ireland as well as Freebay, where former employees have reported to police authorities and provided further information on the internationally wanted internet blackmailer and investment fraudster Reiner von Holst, as well as on the head of Karatbars International, Harald Seiz Jakob B. and another accomplice Hackbart J., are said to be about to be blocked by authorities.

Until today, Univals (UNV), Bunivals (BUV) and Gold QR Codes, which the Karatbars Harald Seiz boss had promised the investors, could be exchanged for the V999 which is allegedly secured with gold, which has not happened as of today, 01 June 2021, because Reiner von Holst has disappeared with the entire investor gold! Unfortunately, Karatbar’s CEO Harald Seiz did not comment on this!

Now one has to ask oneself, are Reiner von Holst and Harald Seiz a well-rehearsed duo? The answer to this question has been given neither to the investors nor to the public prosecutors by the Karatbars CEO, as could be learned.

What is certain is that, according to information, several investors have joined forces and offered U$ 100,000 for the capture of Rainer von Holst!
With this in mind, it remains to be seen what will happen in the near future and what awaits the distributors of the allegedly gold-backed V999 Coin as a criminal organisation?


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